Friday, February 4, 2011


It's been forever. I got away from this because of graduate school and work, taking care of my husband who's in the military, tending to our new house, etc etc etc. I wanted to share that we added two new additions to the family. Along with Gunnar, we adopted Lola in April 2010. She had been in the shelter for over a year and half. The shelter we adopted her from actually took her from another shelter where she was on "death row". She's a great dog, but didn't make a good first impression on families only because she's an 80-pound, jacked beast with a 10-inch vertical. However, Gunnar loved her from the first time they met, so we decided to adopt her.

In this photo, Gunnar is on the left, and Lola is on the right.

In November of 2010, I received a call from an Animal Control Officer in Frederick, Maryland, who is also a good friend of mine, that she had an 8-month old dog that had been involved in a bait situation. Unfortunately, the shelter didn't have the funding to pay to put her back together, so the officer found an emergency veterinarian that did the $2,000 surgery for free. She was tore up from the floor up, people. We named her Haven, because she was finally safe.....

It's alittle blurry, but you can see that she's shaved all around her neck. She had stitches all around her neck, shouders, front and back legs. She also has a tube sewed into her neck to let fluid drain because the dogs punctured her larynx.

It is now February, and my husband and I nursed her back to health. :)

Completely healed, she is looking for her forever home. We've grown so attached to her, that we needed to find the PERFECT home for her. Fortunately, my Mom, who used to be scared to death of dogs, period, now wants to adopt a pit bull. They will be adopted her in mid-February.

This picture was taken only a few days after her surgery. She was still in an immense amount of pain, and Gunnar and Lola were concerned about her like a good brother and sister.

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